Parkinson’s patients shown to improve motor function through “forced” cycling.

In the past few years, several studies have begun to show a beneficial relationship between forced cycling and Parkinson’s Disease.It has been reported that high rpm cycling improves symptoms leading to greater connectivity between brain regions linked to the disease.It was reported that vigorous “forced” pedalling at 80-90 rpm for a sustained period of time at least three times a week was key to improvements in co-ordination and balance.These improvements were also seen in motor function in the upper body even though the lower body was doing all the work.

The MedBike is a stationary exercise bike able to offer up to 90 rpm cycling capability which studies have shown to be very effective in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

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LINC Medical Announces The Launch of Veinplicity -

A Revolution in Peripheral Venous Access

Every day thousands of patients endure the pain and discomfort of multiple failed cannulation attempts during cannulation and venepuncture procedures. Veinplicity is a pioneering, unique device that uses a gentle peripheral stimulation which causes veins to dilate and fill with blood. This makes veins easier to palpate and cannulate - the first time round. LINC are receiving fantastic feedback from hospitals which are trialling veinplicity. One senior Chemotherapy nurse told us he used Veinplicity with 3 patients who normally require multiple cannulation attempts and was able to cannulate first time for each of the patients. Feedback from else where has been similar.



Please also click to read the recent article about veinplicity published by Andrew Barton in the NIVAS newsletter.

For more information please visit the product website:

Please use the website enquiry form to contact us if you would like to trial Veinplicity for yourself.

CytoSorb Therapy Booklet - Now available as an eBook

CytoSorbents has now released their useful therapy booklet in a new digital format compatible with Windows, Mac, iPad and iPhone.

You can view the booklet online at: Online Booklet (external Application)

Or alternatively you can download the booklet for offline use by following the link: here (External Link)



LINC Medical Systems Ltd is pleased to announce the UK launch of Cytosorb®, a powerful new weapon in the management of cytokine storm. The CytoSorb® filter will work with most standard hospital renal replacement therapy equipment and potentially increase survival rates in patients with high cytokine levels.


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