Meet the fantastic team that make up LINC Medical

Over the years at LINC Medical we have built up a fantastic team of experienced and professional staff members. Each person in our team is essential to fulfill our goal of serving our customers in a timely and effective manner. Please see the team member profiles below to find out more about who we are and what we are passionate about.


Managing Director


Stephen Bailey


Stephen founded LINC Medical Systems in 1998 after working both as a nurse and subsequently for Gambro. Though he is the managing director, he most …

Dr Sally Bailey


Sally was a GP in a large Leicestershire practice until 2018 when she retired. She now teaches and examines medical students at the University of Leicester. Her main role at LINC is advisory…


Sharon Galbraith

Operations Manager

Sharon started work with LINC Medical in January 2014 after being made redundant from her previous position of 18 years as customer service and returns supervisor…

Paul Hayes

Warehouse & Operations Assistant

Paul has always worked in a family run environment, having worked in his last company for 23 years. He joined the LINC Medical warehouse and operations…

Jayshree Supeda

Finance Manager

Jay joined the LINC Medical team in February 2018 with a heap of enthusiasm. She has extensive accounting experience in public sector, private and charitable industries…

Rob Pole

Warehouse & Operations Assistant

Rob joined the LINC team in 2016 after working as a warehouse manager for a power tool company. “I am passionate about making sure the end user has the correct…

Mandy Scott

Operations Assistant

Mandy joined LINC Medical in July 2018 after many years serving customers in retail environments. She will be helping to fulfill our growing orders for catheters, drainage bags…


Joe Bailey

Sales & Marketing Manager

Joe started out at LINC as a clinical support scientist to support clinical evaluations of new products in the LINC portfolio. Over time he moved into a product…

Chris Sielewicz

Business Manager for South

Chris has a background in Microbiology which led him to Italy to work in the microbiology diagnostic field. He then moved into the therapeutic apheresis sector…

Rahul Sharma

Marketing Specialist

Rahul has worked in digital marketing for a number of years, both on the agency and client side. He joins LINC Medical after spending over a year working at a Marketing agency…


Demetrio Cadiente

Business Manager – Urology

Demetrio joined LINC Medical in April 2018 and brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge from the urology industry. He originally trained as a nurse and then…

Alison Naeem

Product Specialist – Urology

Alison joined LINC Medical in 2010 after working as a nurse and then subsequently for a number of urology companies. Alison is passionate about sharing knowledge…

Ann Crossley

Product Specialist – Urology

Ann comes from a nursing background, initially gaining orthopaedic and general nursing registration before gaining her District Nursing Certificate. She worked…

Brian Young

Product Specialist – Urology

Brian joined LINC Medical in February 2016. He previously worked in Diabetes for the market leader in insulin delivery and blood glucose testing devices…

Wendy Graham-Ward

Product Specialist – Urology

Wendy joined LINC Medical in March 2016. She previously worked in the diabetes and urology therapy areas, promoting medical devices. She is experienced in both Acute…


Kent Sumpner

Clinical & Technical Manager

Kent joined LINC Medical in November 2011 as a Clinical Nurse Specialist. He has twelve years experience working as a staff nurse and deputy charge nurse in Leicester…

Jonathan Bailey

IT Manager

Jonathan joined LINC in 2011 to manage the growing IT infrastructure. He is one of the second generation of family in the business. When Jonathan is not working…

Josh Pain

Calibration Technician

Josh was appointed as Calibration Technician in June 2019 after working with LINC for 2 years as a Junior Technician. He works with the technical team to provide technical services…


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