Sonoclot SCP1 - Advanced Coagulation Monitoring


• ACT, Clot Rate1 and Platelet Function2 Results
• Results available in 2 - 15 minutes
• Stand alone operation or with Signature Viewer Data Collection Software
• Simple QC procedure

kACT (standard sensitivity, kaolin activator) SonACT (standard sensitivity, celite activator) aiACT (standard sensitivity, aprotinin insensitive)
Clinical Uses:
Therapeutic Heparin Management

gbACT (high sensitivity)
gbACT+ (high sensitivity with platelet function)

Clinical Uses:
LMWH management
Residual heparin detection
Pre-op and post-op haemostasis monitoring
Platelet Function assessment


• Improved haemostasis management
• Reduced usage of blood products
• Accurate and inexpensive heparin anticoagulation management
• Information on Coagulation Factors, Fibrinogen, and Platelet Function in one simple test
• Portable for use in OR, ICU, or Laboratory

The SCP1 Sonoclot Coagulation & Platelet Function Analyzer incorporates an ultra sensitive viscoelastic detection system to monitor in-vitro haemostasis. This patented technology is ideal for detecting initial fibrin and monitoring the clot formation process.


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Sonoclot SCP1

Reference number: SCP1

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