LINC Medical Systems Ltd is pleased to announce the UK launch of Cytosorb®, a powerful new weapon in the management of cytokine storm. The CytoSorb®filter will work with most standard hospital renal replacement therapy equipment and potentially increase survival rates in patients with high cytokine levels.


Cytokine storm is a major concern in the acute patient and can lead to multiple organ failure and death in many life threatening illnesses such as sepsis, septic shock, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), trauma and serious burn injury. CytoSorb®is the first-in-class therapy specifically CE approved as an extracorporeal cytokine filter in the European Union.

Its use is indicated where cytokines are elevated and can be used on most standard hospital renal replacement therapy equipment with uncomplicated set-up and easy use. Furthermore, CytoSorb®therapy is safe and well tolerated and performs without any serious device-related adverse incidents.


CytoSorb®has been shown to reduce cytokine storm in critical care illnesses and trial data indicates that patients treated with CytoSorb®:

-        show improvement in respiratory function with fewer patients on mechanical ventilation at 28 days

-        show a statistically significant reduction in 28 day all-cause mortality in a post-hoc analysis of a subgroup of patients with high cytokine levels


Mr Stephen Bailey, Managing Director of LINC Medical Systems, stated, "We are excited and privileged to bring CytoSorb® to the market in the UK and Ireland. By controlling cytokine storm and working to prevent or treat organ failure, CytoSorb® is a unique and innovative product that has the opportunity to transform the way critical care illnesses are managed. CytoSorb® treatment is simple to implement and leverages our own expertise in therapeutic blood purification. With few, if any, alternative treatments available, we expect a receptive and smooth introduction into the market." 


Dr Christian Steiner, CytoSorbents' Vice President of Sales and Marketing, stated, "We are looking forward to working closely with LINC Medical Systems. Their significant experience in extracorporeal blood purification and their established network in critical care and nephrology make them an ideal partner to introduce CytoSorb® to intensive care units throughout the UK and Ireland. We plan to leverage our own key opinion leader relationships in the UK with those of LINC Medical to accelerate the sales and adoption process while working in parallel with LINC Medical to obtain reimbursement for CytoSorb® in these territories." 


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