Parkinson's Disease and the MedBike

Parkinson’s patients shown to improve motor function through “forced” cycling.


In the past few years, several studies have begun to show a beneficial relationship between forced cycling and Parkinson’s Disease.It has been reported that high rpm cycling improves symptoms leading to greater connectivity between brain regions linked to the disease.It was reported that vigorous “forced” pedalling at 80-90 rpm for a sustained period of time at least three times a week was key to  improvements in co-ordination and balance.These improvements were also seen in motor function  in the upper body even though the lower body was doing all the work.

The MedBike is a stationary exercise bike able to offer up to 90 rpm cycling capability which studies have shown to be very effective in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.The three operating modes : Active, Passive and Pedal Assisted allows the user to select the mode most suitable for his/her forced exercise program.
The MedBike also stimulates the metabolism, helps strengthen muscles, improves bone density, and enhances physical and mental well-being.It can become an essential part of Motion Therapy Training for people with Parkinson’s Disease, and is safe and effective for anyone who is able to use it.

We offer free evaluations of the MedBike both in the hospital and at home.

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