Welcome Kalpesh! LINC’s newest technician

LINC Medical are delighted to welcome our newest technician Kalpesh Desai, as part of the Clinical support team.

Kalpesh brings with him a wealth of experience acquired whilst working in a variety of roles and including working for the NHS.

Kalpesh has now been working at LINC for a few months, so we caught up with him and talked about his time at LINC till now:

  • Hey Kalpesh, what is your background and experience in?

I graduated from the S.P.University, Gujarat, India with a degree in Electronics.  After finishing my  Degree I worked as a Quality Control Engineer. Before joining LINC medical, I was working at the Royal Berkshire NHS Trust as a trainee renal technician and then promoted to Senior Renal Technician. I was part of renal team which looks after total 6 dialysis units, water plants and other renal related equipment.

  • How are you finding life at LINC?

Really good I must say. The Staff and my colleagues are very good , supportive and the general working atmosphere is friendly. I am enjoying my time at LINC, as we have so many different range of devices to work – IBP Meter, Tube sealers , Chairs , Veinplicity  and of course last but not least, the HF440 which provides many different Renal replacement therapies.

  • What are the best parts about your job at LINC?

The fact that I am contributing to helping people and saving lives makes me very happy, even if it is a small contribution, it’s very fulfilling! I also get to travel and visit clients around the country.

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