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Haemoperfusion Cartridge

Product Description

The HA330 is a Haemoperfusion cartridge that can be used as a stand alone device or in conjunction with other other extra-corporeal therapies.

The HA330 has the ability to remove pro-inflammatory cytokines and other cellular inflammatory markers found in “cytokine storm”.

Clinical Indications Include:

  • Patients unresponsive to vasopressor support
  • Patients unresponsive to standard of care who have multiple organ failure
  • Patients exhibiting signs of Damage Associated Molecular Patterns (DAMPS) or Pathogen Associated Molecular Patterns (PAMPS)
  • Patients on ECMO
  • Intra-operative cardiac surgery where the patient already has significant pre-existing cellular inflammatory activation such as Heart Failure where a LVAD device is to be implanted
  • Patients requiring long pump procedures such as Heart / Lung transplant or other procedures.

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Using the Jafron Adsorber in COVID-19 Patients


Improves organ functions

Clears excessive inflammatory mediators

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