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Low-speed and low-resistance motion has been researched and used in exercise therapy in hospitals for over 50 years to improve patients’ well-being. Motion Therapy stimulates metabolism and circulation, strengthens physical and mental health, and enhances longevity.

The medBike is equipped with the patented Continuous Control System which allows consistent watt-controlled resistance, while monitoring the strength input of the user. This is a safe, gentle and effective way for people with physical limitations to stimulate muscles and bone cells, and to get moving once again after periods of inactivity.

The medBike offers 3 operating modes:

  • Active,
  • Passive
  • Pedal-Assisted

In each mode the user can program an individual therapy session with specific resistance and time values. Forward and reverse pedal movement can also be combined into one motion training.

In Pedal Assisted mode, the Continuous Control System measures the strength of the user’s input and will assist with the rotational movement to meet the selected setting if necessary.

The medBike offers a complete and detailed log after each Motion Training session, showing the relevant Motion Therapy data.

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> 634 x 524 x 1006 mm (L x W x H)
> 34 kg (Net Weight)
> Speed control 10- 90 RPM
> Watt control 1- 120 Watt
> Multiple language software

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