LINC Flo Leg Bags

Urine drainage bags

LINC Flo Leg Bag - Urine Drainage
LINC Flo Leg Bag - Urine Drainage

Urine drainage bags

LINC-Flo sterile leg bags offer proven patient comfort, privacy & safety.

  • Soft fabric backing
  • Needle free port protects against infection
  • Easy one-handed operation of tap
  • Discreet triple chamber design allows bag to conform to leg
  • Each bag includes nitrile gloves and straps
  • Adjustable bag includes scissors

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Private and Discreet Comfortable Convenient Safe Secure
Triple chamber design allows the bag to conform to the leg and prevents
‘ballooning’ of the bag.
Soft, fluffed fabric backing ensures the LINC-Flo bag is both comfortable and
silent to wear.
LINC-Flo valves are designed for easy, one-handed operation by patients with
limited manual dexterity.
Needle free sample port protects against needle stick injury and a non-return
valve prevents contaminated urine from flowing back through the catheter.
Latex free construction ensures it is suitable for all patients.
Elasticated straps with silicone material are included to ensure the LINC-Flo
bag stays in place. A new set of straps is included for each leg bag.

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